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Product Line
Founded in 1969, Dynabrade has earned a reputation and position of continued leadership in the innovative design and manufacturing of unique portable abrasive power tools. Dynabrade tools grind, deburr, file, sand and polish to meet the needs of many industries for work with metals, wood, plastics, glass, rubber, stone, fiberglass, composites and much more.

Continuous Quality Control
Every Dynabrade product undergoes rigorous performance tests at precise stages, from design conception through product assembly and packaging, to insure they meet our own high standards and the demands of our customers. Our goal is to maintain or improve Dynabrade quality with product and service performance levels that equal or exceed that of any competitor, and to exceed customers' expectations worldwide.

Continued Leadership in Research & Development
Many industrial applications have unique requirements that cannot be met with our general line of air tools. Our research and development teams are continually upgrading our product offering based on market needs and new technology, coupled with the latest innovations and technological advancements in the abrasive industry. We make ongoing investments in plant, equipment and manufacturing processes to improve the quality of our products. Our goals are to solve abrasive user problems, increase productivity and lower total costs. Our constantly growing product line, together with many years of design engineering, research and development experience, proves our ability and commitment to provide continued leadership in the portable abrasive power tool industry.

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